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Aug 072013
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The fog came rolling in to obscure the city. There was an eery stillness that captured that part of me that responds to beauty. Soft, gentle beauty that slowly seeps in, not that beauty that socks you in the chest.  Space and time going its thing once again

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  6 Responses to “Fog”

  1. It looks like writing on the water

  2. Check out Cole Thompson, very much like what you have done here, I like your tones of Chromatic Greyscale/B&W, I just cant help it, if there is a dust spot in an image I will find it, see if you can too ,sorry Bruce
    Very nice mystical image.

    • Yes, Scott, you are pedantic with your dust spots (and that not a bad thing) and yes I found them. Not dust spots though, it was raining and its water drops on the lens – i spent hours trying to get rid of them all but alas ….

  3. Love this image Bruce – so restful. Quite different to your other work that I’ve seen?

  4. Great image Bruce. Despite the softness of the water this is a very strong composition. Less is more – just verticals and horizontals and nothing else!

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