Sutton By Night

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Aug 032013
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Being in the open country somehow breathes life into me. A trip up into the Strath Taieri recently reinforced this. Open spaces……..fresh air……..silence………Sometimes we just get to busy with everyday life that we don’t take the time to recharge our batteries. Silly really because there isn’t one of us that doesn’t know that we need too but how often do we put ourselves first and just walk away from the busyness even just for a moment?

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  5 Responses to “Sutton By Night”

  1. that sliver of moon is a great counter balance to the image. And your words are such that sometimes one can take too much time for oneself – and then is that “running away” or escape! As long as we have it in balance it is good . . .

  2. Beautiful gentle image Ferg. Isolation here is a peaceful feeling. I love the pole! Connection the the place we try to escape from – can we really escape these days?

  3. A superbly constructed image Ferg.
    You have captured the simplicity of the scene and of the moment to describe the feeling of being there.

  4. You have a way of processing your images Ferg that shows your love of your place in this world. There is a warmth and softness there but plenty of detail within that. They’re very dreamlike, and this one is melting into that illustrative place.

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