Space and Time

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Jul 282013
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Always moving, passing by, filling space …. painting time

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  3 Responses to “Space and Time”

  1. Really like it Bruce. The soft pink in background is the perfect amount of colour. I don’t know why, but images of graceful ballerinas wearing that pink keep popping into my head. I looked at it earlier, then thought I will come back later and maybe something that makes more sense will pop into my head. Interesting, it’s later and same thought. Ballerinas have graceful, soft movements like this water. But lots of hard work goes into making it look so graceful and easy.

  2. Restful is the overwhelming feeling I get looking at this image.
    The soft pastel colours are what does it.
    The sharp and dark stones in the foreground, by being completely the opposite of the remainder of the image, act as an amplifier for the soft graceful message.

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