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I captured this image in the Merther (Cornwall, UK) graveyard, in the grounds of the dilapidated church.  I was searching for the headstones of my great-great-great-great grandparents.  All their descendants, along my line, died in New Zealand (other than the three generations still living!). 

On arrival I felt like a kid in a sandpit again!  I’d had no idea of what to expect.  I didn’t even know I’d find a church and graveyard.  Merther isn’t even a village, by my definition – it’s just a couple of houses, within a small area at the end of a tiny dead-end road, with an ex-school and an ex-church, and surrounded by farm land.  I wonder if it ever was more than that.  My g-g-g-g’s worked and lived on farms here and their children were born and grew up here. 

Despite the chest-high grasses and wildflowers, we found many readable headstones in the graveyard.  But no one tends those graves.  The families moved on.

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  1. I find myself attracted to graveyards and cemeteries. I look at the physical markers we place in the ground to mark the presence of a person we knew. Why do we do that??

  2. Vicki, love the recession and the beautiful summer feel in this image. No sadness for me, just memories, and they feel like good ones.

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