Last boat from Phillip Island

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Jul 202013
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I have had a couple of overnights in Norfolk Island recently. The saying is that it is a tourist market for the “half dead or newlywed”
The demographic of our passengers certainly fits that profile
But it is a fascinating place with an interesting history and a dramatic landscape. Phillip Island is around 7 km off the coast from Kingston, where the original prison settlement was established.
I thorough enjoyed my brief stay and lm looking forward to visiting again
We might even go there on holiday. However l have no intention of being “newlywed” again, so I guess “half dead” will have to apply.

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  3 Responses to “Last boat from Phillip Island”

  1. Break the mould and go as neither!

  2. Good thing you could fly home – would not trust that boat!
    Nice lines and shapes.

  3. Definitely looks a bit of a dodgy vessel. Lovely light lines and shapes and story with island in the background.

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