Space and Time

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Jul 182013
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Always moving, passing by, filling space …. Time?  The journey continues

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  7 Responses to “Space and Time”

  1. Hi Bruce have you looked at John Paul Caponigro his stuff is very similar to your last two posts, havea look awesome photographer his Dad is Paul Caponigro the master B&W photographer.

  2. This is my kind of image, I can drift into it and get lost for ages.

  3. Yes Bruce, that’s my kind of mood; no barrier for thoughts, eternity, quiet, water, small
    breaking waves on stony beach. Wished to be there again. The soul finds peace.

  4. Bruce, i love the feeling you capture when making images, they are a moment in time..

  5. Beautiful – I love these images. So peaceful.

  6. absolutely stunning Bruce!

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