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Jul 142013
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How often do we rush here and rush there and not actually take the time to slow down and look at what is around us, fail to see because of the desire to get from one point to another in a ridiculous hurry. Crazy isnt it, we are rushing round all the time zoomin; here, there and everywhere and actually miss what is right in front of us. Stop right now………look around you……..what do you see?

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  7 Responses to “Zoomin”

  1. Thats life as we know it Jim.
    Why rush to the end lets take our time & enjoy it.Nice image.

  2. I stopping, looked around and saw a pretty cool picture made by Ferg.

  3. You probably made this while you were just sitting around at an airport!!!

    • No, Wellington Airport has carpet floors. It was a necessity so all the delayed passengers didn’t end up with piles.

  4. flurry!

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