Shag Rock – Matt Jordan

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Jul 092013
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This photograph was taken at Lake Taupo recently. As a photographer and image maker I don't have any favorite subjects or styles. What I enjoy most with my own photography is the challenge to create and capture something that I have in mind and hopefully end up with a better image than I thought I may have got. Here I wanted a peaceful picture of the bird life around the lake. I always like to play with contrast of some kind in an image, here it is the rock vs the water, the blue vs the yellow/orange colours, and the scale of the large rock. In waiting to get this shot I spent about 6 hours over 3 days harassing the bird life by following them back and forwards around the shoreline with a 70-200 lens. The white faced heron got quite vocal with me on several occasions as I tried to get as close to it as I could.  The image I ended up with here was a lot better than what I expected I'd get. Now I have it I've moved on to the next thing..  If you are interested in following me on Facebook here is a link I am regularly posting new photography.

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  4 Responses to “Shag Rock – Matt Jordan”

  1. Hi Matt.
    I enjoyed the moment – particularly the attitude of the two shags. One seems to be reacting to the heron (probably only drying his wings though) and the other one doesnt give a toss

  2. Hi Matt, Lovely scene with nature just doing what it odes. I find this restul and comforting. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Welcome Matt!
    Thanks for posting, and especially commenting on what you were trying to achieve, or were inspired by. Often we respond but don’t verbalise for others to learn from. That comment about the blue/yellow contrast was a good reminder. Would have loved to hear what the white faced heron was saying 😉

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