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Jul 082013
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I am fascinated by capturing time with my photography.  The ocean comes and it goes and I am mesmerised, peaceful.  How to capture the essence of this movement.  I feel a long journey beginning …. let's see where it goes

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  1. I love this and am now very excited to follow this journey, can’t wait to see the next step.

  2. The ocean is a wonderful place a place of tranquility at times & a place of destruction, but you have to love it. I agree with you Bruce, lovely image.

  3. I like how the oblique lines take the eye up to the rocks. The slow exposure removes what could be distracting detail. Nice.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this image Bruce.
    I like the way the movement blur varies throughout the image. The clouds for example are relatively sharp with just a hint of movement, while the close in waves are soft and passive. The muted colour pallet also helps.
    Plus a perfectly executed square crop

  5. Loving this Bruce. There is something about time and the water for me. Becomes more interesting when you consider the metaphor of water/subconscious and follow that around. The way the waves have imprinted themselves on the foreground is lovely. Gentle.

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