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Jun 302013
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The Sydney Opera House is a fantastic building.

Each time I land there and we pass over the harbour on approach to the south that amasing building draws my eye.

The balance and form of the building is just right. It portrays a fresh feeling of Australia stepping out from its past. That past is reflected in all the fine old buildings in the middle of Sydney. And it tells the story of the Harbour which is central the soul of the city.

My lensbaby helps to simplify and catch the essence……..


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  2 Responses to “Opera House”

  1. This beautifully captures the elegant essence of the Opera House. It isn’t easy to create an image that is different to the ubiquitous tourist shot.

    I brings back amazing memories fo rme – I grew up here and used to catch the trams whose terminus was here in the 1950’s; lived through the drama of the Utzon design and competition time; watched it being built and watched the opening by Queen Elizabeth. I wish I had the camera then that even I have now. I have enjoyed many wonderful performances there.

    Well done and very evocative with great light and uplifting emotion – for me anyway

  2. You have lensbaby down to a fine art – all the right things blurred. It is almost like creating negative space.
    A clever way of keeping the attention on the interesting shapes.

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