Moeraki Boulders 3

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Jun 262013
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I think this gives me an ok set of three images of the boulders – represents a mini project and the first time I have done this on aGathering.

My first post was of the boulders sans water, second with water and this one giving the context of where the boulders lie, sort of. By sort of I mean that I had to reverse the image!

But what the heck I am not entering a landscape competition I am just having fun producing an image that I find pleasing.


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  1. And a great set too. This is my personal favourite. Simple, limited but wonderful colour palette and intriguing. A would be very please with this set. Thanks for sharing John. I might follow suite as it look very satisfying.

  2. Yes sets of work are a good thing and you have a good one here. As an aside, I,ve just been playing with printing small sets as little hand made books. Also just putting sets of work in an album. Quality printing and paper with a few words. Very satisfying . With blurb and digital dumps we seem to have forgotten the humble photo album.

  3. Nice John simple & eloquent. Sorry guys I have been Hacked so if you got strange e-mails sorry, got it sorted.

  4. The set works wonderfully John.
    The sum of the three images grows to something greater. Like Tims says – PRINT ‘EM

  5. Hi John,

    Are these for sale?

    I am looking for images of Moeraki boulders and love yours.

    Please get in touch.


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