Old and Neglected

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Jun 252013
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Not sure if that is the building or ME, old & neglected. Doesn’t really matter.

“The photographer is continually training their power of vision”
– Dorothea Lange from A life Beyond limits

I like taking my self-portrait, it is a great way for me to try ideas & see if they will work, sometimes they achieve my vision, other times they hit the bottom of the trash bin.
I like this image, the darkness behind me, is it a past best forgotten? The old building is like me, still standing but not in good shape anymore. I was never supposed to last this long, no fear for anything is a recipe for an early grave, but every time I got knocked down I just got back up.

“Too old to die young” – Billy Connolly NZ tour 2004

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  3 Responses to “Old and Neglected”

  1. Very powerful portrait.

  2. Weathered and with stories to tell. Great that you do self portraits Scott. Something I should do.

  3. Tim, I like doing it, it seems to let me know where I am at Mentally!!!!!

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