Watching the Watcher

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Jun 242013
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I really enjoy watching people, observing their movement and trying to create a story and a life for them in my mind.
To photograph people doing just this is difficult as they have already probably spotted me before I've seen them but sometimes you can get into a situation of being able to observe someone observing somebody else.
This was one of those moments……….

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  4 Responses to “Watching the Watcher”

  1. An very engaging image, Ferg. Very strong geometric pattern of the tiles and the seat with the black of the seat making it dominant despite its smaller size. This contrasts with the shape of the person sitting on the bench seat. Beautifully crafted.

  2. Its the slight movement of her foot that makes it for me.

  3. Great design and a different perspective. It definitely feels like a very observed without knowing moment. Well seen Ferg

  4. Strong and simple design but with informative detail in the subject. I like it a lot.

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