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Jun 202013
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We had a few days in Sydney recently.

The hotel gave us a good deal so we stayed in town close to Circular Quay. When I entered the room all look great so I opened the blinds hoping for a glimpse of the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. Not to be, just the back end of lots of plain looking buildings.

The next morning I opened the blinds again and the early light had performed magic.

So I sat with my camera for twenty minutes and watched the scene transform. I’m sure John was looking over my shoulder!!

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  5 Responses to “Out The Window”

  1. Now Ian, if you had not told me your were looking for a touristy ‘nice’ view, I would have thought that you went to a lot of trouble finding this view!
    Love the geometry and bland concrete texture.

  2. Stop stealing images off Johns computer!

  3. love the graphic design and subtle tomes Ian

  4. Wait…. I can’t see a tree.

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