Together We Stand

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  1. Welcome back Vicki. Hope you are having a great time. I love the colours, tones and soft lines in this. Composition is so strong with the “differential colour” on the left and all those secondary layers in the background. Leaves me with impressions of people standing around and wondering why. Treatment is such that you can infer anything you like. Great work.

  2. I like this image. Strong graphically and very nice tones. Also some element of mystery.
    Trust your venture is going well.

  3. Thank you Bruce and John. I created this image when we first started aGathering. It was about us coming together.

    All going well over here so far – still on holiday in the UK, staying with family and friends. The hard work starts in Italy, in July.

  4. I like it even better knowing that.

  5. When I first saw it I wondered what they were all looking at. Seemed to me that these people have merged with the environment to become the “crowdspace” that sports people and all performers are aware of but dont see.
    Glad to hear you are having fun

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