The Rally

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Jun 102013
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The Aotearoa Legalise Marijuana Party political rally seemed to attract an interesting audience. I stumbled upon it – on the way to somewhere else that I had to be.

These guys caught my eye.

On the edge they were attracted but not committed. Perhaps out for a skate along the waterfront their rebellious side was drawn by the rally but their more conservative side remained wary.

Again the edge proves a good place to linger…………….


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  4 Responses to “The Rally”

  1. Ian, I love your edges. Such a cool concept and again this draws me in and questions fly.

  2. I am interested by the relationship between the people and the spaces.

  3. Very interesting how they are all in groups with large spaces between them. You are on to something with your edges.

  4. You have a great way of “seeing”, Ian. I love it

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