Jun 092013
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Work = conformity

I am constrained by a brief, the director and the convention. My creative soul is in a box – I do what I am bidden. Don’t get me wrong, I love being behind the camera, feeling the images, then revitilising and energising them. It is usually not my vision, just my skill that is in demand.

Photography = freedom

Set me free, slip the leash, cast me adrift into the sea of possibility, where waves and landscape wait for my frame to embrace them. In that quiet place where noise is meaningless, sense is concentrated to art form – making natures’ chaos conform within one’s minds eye. After all, isn’t that the trick the image-maker conjures from his box of experience and expertise, to fool the viewer, to create an illusion, to caress and coral shapes.  What is real?

Give me chaos any time.

Image making creates something from nothing – conformity from chaos, physical from ethereal – all else is memory. My box is not solid but a one-way mirror. I view from within and nobody sees me. I sense a kaleidoscope of images, all neatly framed – nobody knows or suspects what I know. I take and move on. I pass unnoticed.

In the end what is left?

A sense of peace? . . .  or the machinations of a disturbed mind – a glimpse into the secret void of a soul – undisclosed and searching, disclosed under investigation.

Make your own mind up.

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  5 Responses to “A Day At The Races – Jeremy Bright”

  1. Jeremy, two things, your write up is superb and summarises so much of what I have fel over e years and have not been able to express well enough so thanks for that. Second, I love your image. It says so much form a perspective that is so unusual but its so real. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  2. I first saw your work in Wellington some years ago now Jeremy. At the time it was such a wonderful jolt of vision and you presented me with a wonderful challenge to see someones work that had its own personal vision that was individual, strong, conforming to no one elses expectations and I yearned to be able to see with an eye like that. I remember summoning up the nerve to initiate a conversation with you and left the encounter feeling inspired and daunted at the same time. You probably had no idea of the effect seeing your work had on me. So thanks Jeremy, you’ve given me the opportunity to indeed have glimpses into the secret void of my own soul.

  3. I relate so well to your first observation about work. In so many fields it is the same. The passion and drive which fuel our enthusiasm for whatever field we work in fades over time. Then what becomes the driver – status? money? habit?…
    I needed to accept the work just is what it is, enjoyable but no longer something to get passionate about. I have to look for passion and enthusiasm in other places. Photography is one of those places.

  4. A very interesting image. It is an image of people looking at a horse race. You can only just see the horses. You can see a lot of people who are watching but you cannot see their faces and their eyes looking (with a couple of exceptions). So it is all about body language – some peering though a gap and others elevated and animated.

  5. Well, there is little for me to say on this one as the others have spoken far more eloquently than I could, and identified well. Thank you for joining us! My hope in this group is that my own creativity is stimulated by being exposed to interesting and informative work by others. You’ve done that for me in your picture and your words. I love the dynamics of both.

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