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Jun 082013
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A hot sunny day, lying in the dry, seeding grass of summer.  Oh how I long for the winter to pass and the season of plenty to come again.

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  1. This image makes so much sense to me. Even though there is nothing clearly defined in it I am totally at ease with its form, it’s tones and colours and it’s sense.

  2. Love it dad! It looks like one of those memories where all the detail is forgotten and faded away, and you just remember that it was a good, peaceful time

  3. I love that with this site we get to know people gradually through their images, even though we haven’t had the opportunity to spend time in person. One of the things that is evident in your work is this sense of lightness and serenity. What makes you want to make pictures like that Bruce?

    • Jenny, that’s a huge question! And I am not sure i have a a clear answer but I will try. I tend to photograph to my mood and I can do anything from bold and contrasty to this light and airy. The next image I am posting is bit bolder. My work is getting more subtle as I get older but there are no guarantees it will stay that way. I guess it’s just reflection of where I am at them moment – quite a big transition in life as our children leave home and we reflect on life more and more. Tristan noted that this image is like a memory, detail gone but feelings left behind. That is definitely where we are are the moment, quite reflective.

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