Population Pohutukawa

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Jun 072013
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  1. What a great idea Jenny. I love the simple graphic nature of this while there is a lovely underlying story of the leaves and their stages of life. Simply beautiful with that stark white background end very gentle shadow. Great work!!

  2. An interesting idea. Have you though of expanding on it.

    • Yes, John. So far many ideas! At the time it was about making collections with no further concept. They’re only now starting to take shape. I had tried some other ways of working with these but, like many, they’re sitting in half finished form, abandoned because I felt like I was swimming against the tide. We’ll see what surfaces over time.

  3. Have you got any suggestions?

  4. This is freakin awesome mum!!! funny how you were talking about doing this around 3years ago huh… remember that conversation about Narelle Autio? so many places this could go! Also aligns with the way that Kerry Poliness conceptualises her work when she talks about nature and how through the exact same system of reproduction it produces variations of an end product. No two leaves are the same… even of the same species. she also talks about snowflakes and animals and humans. (i think.. well this is what i got out of it) She talks about nature in the same way as a family tree works and is facinated by the way that through the exact same system the output can be so varient based on the context that that system is applied… so like an english oak might grow one way in england and produce an entirely different tree in canada, where your table was grown and then manufactured in indonesia… haha anyway… does any of that make sense? ive had too much coffee and im procastinating from finishing my submissions…

  5. oh yea! so theyre all trees which are produced by a specific system but then that system has produced all these variant results (species) and then the system in which those species are produced then produces a massive range of variations of that specific species (depending on the context it is applied) and then even in the same context the system still produces variant results. because every tree is unique, different branch patterns, different leaves blah blah blah but it is made through the exact same system. Thats what Kerry Poliness’ work is about and there you have colour gradient and the same leaves produced by the same system with massive variations juxtaposed against each other.

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