Moeraki Boulders Close Up

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Jun 062013
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There are some simply stunning images of the Moeraki Boulders in the sea environment and I knew I could not match them so I took a less common approach.

Although I no longer put my images into the club competitions, a few years ago when I did, this did not register with the judge. I think he/she was a bit tough but I also can now see how it can be improved in Lightroom. Here  it is after a slight crop and some work on tones. I like it and that, I suppose, is the main thing.

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  6 Responses to “Moeraki Boulders Close Up”

  1. And I like it too, John. I get the distinct u
    Impression of something very large and very old. It is an arresting image for me, I have to stop and look at it and then I get to enjoy all the subtleties that you have captured in the image.

  2. What Pauline said.

  3. You liking it is the only thing that really matters.
    But as an aside – I like that it makes me feel that I can reach out and touch the rock. The texture is so strong and distinctly different on each of the three boulders

  4. Sorry about the judge John. I love the way you have done something different with something so often photographed. This image makes me feel a strong sense of respect – old, weathered, endurance and it will keep going for a long time still. It’s smooth and textured and I want to touch and feel. Love the way you arrange your picture space. Simple and effective. This is also cold but soft, if that makes sense. I like it very much too.

  5. Hi John I guess we all have had those wise & wonderful judges at sometime in our competition career. All that matters in the long run is that YOU like it too hell what the judge thinks what does he/she know anyway?????.

  6. We’ve all seen so many images of the boulders, all variations on a theme. What I love most about this image is that you’ve walked away from all of that and got intimate with them, and in doing so, let us share that through you. Thank you. They look metallic. Something quite alien.

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