In The Rain

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Jun 052013
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“The moral function of art itself is to remove prejudice, do away with the scale that keep the eye from seeing, tear away the veils due to wont & custom, perfect the power to perceive”- John Dewey

“A portrait is a lesson on how one human being should approach another”
– Dorothea Lange 1965

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  11 Responses to “In The Rain”

  1. Ok someone help me here and explain what they think the cost quote is saying in lay language.
    Love the image though, it makes me want to know why the rabbit is on the bike and what the child is thinking.

  2. Darn predictive text. That’s meant to say. …first quote. …

  3. I think that the first quote is about seeing & the power to remove prejudice to look at what is presented as it is not what you think it is. The child is holding onto a childhood before he heads into Adultism, the rabbit is a lifelong friend who asks nothing but gives everything. It is a project I am working on using the rabbit as the common feature.

  4. I think some of those points will be more obvious when you present the series on that topic.
    Great detail in the image.

  5. The series is hopefully going to be a masters submission but I will have to wait & see, the whole series is going to be set around an asylum idea I have. Lot of work but alot of fun.

  6. I like this image a lot.
    The story is great but I needed your short explanation to get the idea. Like John I think that a series of images will make your point more easily read.
    Looking forward to seeing more……

  7. Great image and thoughts Scott. Looking forward to more.

  8. Great image Scott. Raises lots of questions in my mind, although they are not the ones you intended and this makes me wonder, like Jenny, about the first quote. To me art is our unique expression of our individual responses to the world. Because we are all respond differently we all make different images of the same subjects. So, when viewing an image we will respond differently too and sometime not the way the image maker did themselves. From this perspective I have trouble reconciling with the first quote. All the best with your series. I would love to see it one day.

  9. Thanks Bruce, I think that the first quote is more aimed at people who don’t know how to see, rather than artists who know how to see. I totally agree with you we all do different things of the same thing & we all see different stories in the same image, a lot of this SEEING is about our life’s experiences, this is what make us unique, but as artists we see. We’ll I hope we do.

  10. I’ve come into this late, and am glad to have the discussion which allows me to look at this with new eyes. I agree with Bruce about our different responses. Without knowing more of the background either through story or other images we can only bring our own experiences and knowledge to bear. That’s why I love it on this site when everyone talks about their motivation for either composing, or post producing an image the way they have. Like everyone else I’m looking forward to seeing this within a series. And the Masters’ submission? Tell us more?

  11. I dont know if you know but I have the accreditation Internationally of Excellence level in Competition Photography. Within the organisation I am accredited by I have the chance in 3 years time to submit a set of 20 images that will be judged by other Masters to determine if my standard is acceptable to be given the title of Master. I have about 4 ideas that I am working on towards this goal, so I will keep you updated as progress develops. We have one of these masters in NZ Gary Spiers of Omararu is the only KIwi so far to achieve this level. The submission is A3 size, and must follow a theme.

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