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Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Dunedin over the years has seen this building from the outside but not many have been inside it to see this.
It's the building that runs along the northern side of Bathgate Park, it's about 300-400 metres long. Its Donaghy's Rope Factory, we all know that but most have wondered just what's inside that funny little structure.
I was lucky enough to gain access recently and it's a fascinating in there, the long building is the only part of the factory not still in use, they no longer make the rope the way they did back in the day it's all extruded plastic now, yes that's horrible stuff we all hate!
This is where they used to make all the long, ultra heavy weight ropes and it's still ready to go but alas there is no demand for it any more.
It got me thinking as I looked down, what appeared to be, a never ending building…………
Just how many of these sort of buildings are there around?
This was purpose build for just one thing and now it's no longer needed as they can import this sort of rope from overseas so much cheaper than they can make it here. According to Donaghy's the imported product isn't even half as strong as the product they made but at the price they can buy it in for its makes better economic sense.
We are losing both the machinery as well as the skill to produce so many things, I understand it's an economic necessity but its sad.

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  5 Responses to “Donaghys”

  1. Well captured on all levels Ferg

  2. Nicely made image Ferg. The angle does it foe me. A listing ship feeling.

  3. i had formulated my comment and then say Pauline’s and Tim’s and they did it for me too. Dark, sad but yet colourful. Well made Ferg.

  4. Love it

  5. You just do it every time, don’t you. For me this one is about the colours and the perspective/point. It makes me feel that you stepped inside a kaleidescope, something I’ve always wanted to do.

    (Now I’ve read your words)
    You’ve used this image to focus on a very important point. One that has significant effect on our employment, consumer satisfaction and our collective sense of self. More and more I hear people bemoaning the fact that our goods are produced without care and a sense of pride in their longevity that was the case when rope was made in this building. Yet we all feel as if nothing can be done to change things. Or is it just that we are overcome with lethargy because there has been no catalyst to release the energy for change. What if work like this could be that catalyst? Just sayin’.

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