Stairway to Heaven

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Jun 032013
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Angkor funeral temple.

The funeral pyre was built in the box in the bottom of frame. The whole structure is about the steep assent to an better after life through deeds in this one. With or without the help of various gods.

How are you going on that?

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  8 Responses to “Stairway to Heaven”

  1. I often wonder about all the effort that has gone into buildings such as this.
    Every society has its own take on the same thing.
    It seems to me to be driven by fear of the unknown

    • I’ve wondered about the same thing Ian. Mankind has spent enormous sums of money and effort on creating huge edifices and sytems around this theme. I think it should be as beautiful and simple as breathing, incorporating all the wonder and awe that is part of that life giving act.

      • Yes it is quite amazing when you think about it. Almost ALL the great structures built by mankind serve ONLY to glorify an idea, a concept. Not as living spaces or shelter. Often in an attempt to “ buy a stairway to heaven” for a few. There is of course that political power that comes with them too.

  2. Like the image graphically, tonally and symbolically.
    And Good deeds are desirable no matter what the motivation is.

  3. I reckon all those steps are one last effort to lose 10 pounds before you meet God! 🙂

  4. Love your humour Ann. I think that we have a general fear of death so we make it less scary through this sort of thing. The symbolism in this image is very good.

  5. I know that, as Ian suggests, many of these structures in the different societies of the world have been built to control the thinking of the poplace (either by fear of what might happen in the afterlife or in passing, or by show of political or religious might), or for some wealthy individuals to secure a place in the best of the afterlife; but I can’t help being uplifted in spirit seeing or being around these structures. For me there is a glory in their construction and presence which puts as close to a wonder of the spiritual world as does the most simple observation of nature.

  6. PS. The simplicity of this and the feeling of tranquility in the girl’s contemplation does it for me.

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