Opting out 2

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May 312013
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What can I say Guys – Dont we just love shopping!!!!

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  11 Responses to “Opting out 2”

  1. He looks like he needs a widescreen tv and a bar.

    • What a brillient concept. Woman’s clothing with a sports bar attached. The bra bar.
      Excellent photo. I like the way his head matches the form of the bra. Really needs two bald guys though.

  2. Works for me!! I can so relate to this 🙂

  3. What is wrong with that guy. Why isn’t he finding all the cool and cute stuff he’d really like to see her wearing.

  4. I so love this photo. One of my fav’s. Tim went with me the other day and escaped to menswear!

  5. Or maybe ,what would I wear ????

  6. Your safe Tim not my style?

  7. Oh my goodness Ian, look what you started. There are so many stories that can be read from this, thats what I enjoy so much. Street (? candid?) photography that adds the potential for humour is great. Did you get any funny looks while you were photographing in this department??

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