Gathering Feathers

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  7 Responses to “Gathering Feathers”

  1. You have taken the idea of “painterly” photography to a whole new level here.

    • is it my imagination or have you created a mythical creature made up of many mythical creations. Once again an Eastern feel of floating silks

      • Pauline
        This image wasn’t the one I originally sat down to create for the poem but this was what came out. It is so far removed from what I intended to do, and so unlike my usual work. The vague train of thought that went with this image was remembering that I had recorded tendrils of seaweed washed up on the beach and was captivated by the way they arranged themselves on the sand. They reminded me of elaborate writings that I couldn’t decipher, the word sanskrit comes to my mind. When I started playing with them I came up with this feeling of ancient words, that were carried through time, the seaweed pods tended to transform into feathers that floated into ribbons and banners that the seagull carried, streaming behind itself. I wanted to hear the words that were hidden in the message. I think at times I get close to hearing them and want to clasp them into my being. Thanks Kay for being the instrument for the process.

  2. Agree with Ian. In particular, you have enhanced ordinary subject matter with masterly use of colour.

  3. Beautiful and simple. I love the painterly effect and the limited colour palette. Themselves of the poem coming through nicely too.

  4. Great Pauline. Is it actually a painting?I like the space on the right of frame.

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