Gathering Feathers – Kay Beaven

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May 202013
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Another of the madcap ideas we have to inspire us, this is a beautiful poem from Kay Beaven, a friend of Jenny Couldrey. We asked Kay if she would be kind enough to let us use a work of hers and we would enjoy it then respond in our own personal way to it. What follows for the next 9 days are our collective responses.

Below are her words…..

Gathering Feathers

along the
inkless quills
and downy
wisps rest,
captured in 
driftwood sands.

  “see, Koro see
   how the kakahi

a seagull shrieks,
   “aue, aue!”
a plastic bag flutters
unsettling our
feather gathering.




We all thank you for the chance you have given us Kay.


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  3 Responses to “Gathering Feathers – Kay Beaven”

  1. Thank you Kay for sharing you work with us.

    • Love your photo Tim. It has the feel of Japanese silk, and a mystical timelessness. Thank You. K

  2. Yes, thanks Kay.

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