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May 152013
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Russell Duff is a local identity and a great old fella with a lovely sense of humour, well maybe, he does laugh at my jokes as well!

He's part of the Dunedin RSA choir and a Life member of the Dunedin Camera Club to name just two organisations that have benefited from his skills and expertise over the years.

I've just purchased a “new” camera, one that is older than me and takes that old stuff they call film. I'm going to get Russell to help me with it if he has the time to spare as he is of the age that it is all second nature to him and I need all the help I can get for sure. Skills like the ones that Russell takes for granted and are just second nature to him are getting in shorter and shorter supply and it is a genuine fear of mine that they will be gone before they can be adequately passed on to the next keepers of the knowledge.

I think that younger generations look at our elders and right them off as being fossils in some ways, this is done at our peril. People like Russell are in short supply we need to harness this resource quickly.

You're a bloody good bugger Russell, a legend in fact, you make my world a better place to be once every two weeks so thanks for that!!!!

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  1. Thank you Ferg for that. You missed one comment, which is me.
    Liz Greenwood said, “Russell has a solution to every problem, it all

  2. Great image, great story, and I am sure a grat bloke. Thanks for sharing Ferg. And, good luck with the plastic stuff.

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