Weave #1 – Green

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May 142013
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Many cultures put meaning and stories into their weaving. For me I see a mixture of new and old, a layering, like generations going back through time. The new life to the front, dead stands to the back. With sprinkle of life giving water . Woven together imperfectly.

Green … new life.

This image is a in camera double exposure made during Ian Pooles Wanaka Art School class. A twenty minute depth of field exercise in photographing something “green”. I was pleased with the image and made a dozen more along the same theme a couple of days later.


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  5 Responses to “Weave #1 – Green”

  1. I had never looked at weaving from your point of view-the old with the new. I like that. I’ll let that concept filter through for a bit and see what happens. It resonates strongly for me. And the colours-I love the colours

  2. There is a non contrived, randomness about in camera multiple images compared with post production multiple images.

    • Yes there is. There can also be unforeseen things come out of the process that happen in the presence of the subject. Things that you probably would not previsualise in post.

      • I think the problem with multiple image in post is that the mind has more opportunity to exert control. Now if one could find a way to randomly pick images to work with, without the mind seeing, we would be getting somewhere. Something I’d like to work on because I don’t have a Nikon and my Fuji only does two in one frame.

  3. Great idea Tim and well communicated in this way. I am enjoying the communication of ideas and concepts with photography. You do it well.

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