Opting Out

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May 112013
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It was very busy………..

Where I was standing I was on the edge of an Aotearoa Legalise Marijuana Party political rally. There were people everywhere and there was a funny smell in the air.

On the waterfront people were streaming past on bikes, scooters and on foot.

In the harbour the ferry had just docked, the police launch was just out of frame camera right and a rowing skiff was heading out for a training row.

And yet these two had simply opted out, sat on the edge and turned their back on the world to enjoy an icecream.

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  3 Responses to “Opting Out”

  1. Very nice. The seagull makes it for me Always a Metafor for spirit. I like the rest of humanity far in the distance and and that they are ignoring the pole/crucifix /symbol of societies rules placed with the light behind.

  2. Ian, you do these so well. I really love your ability to isolate and create that feeling of isolation.

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