The Round Pond – Murray Savidan

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May 102013
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This is a photograph I took right at the beginning of my career in photography.

The year was 1969 and I had gone to London to get experience working in studios and absorbing the creative energy that was so much a part of London at that time.

On the trip over I stopped over at Singapore and purchased a Hasselblad outfit – 500c body, 50mm, 80mm & 150mm lenses, 2x A12 film backs, case and a Lunasix exposure meter all for $NZ870!
From then on, I didn’t leave home without this camera, bulky as it was, around my neck – usually with the 150mm lens attached.

One day, during a walk through Kensington Gardens I heard a torrent of verbal abuse coming from the Round Pond area.  When I looked across, the English woman, with a strong east London accent was cutting loose. The Jamaican woman did not say a word. She and her family just stood there. I ran over and snapped this shot a few seconds after the encounter finished and the woman and her daughters had turned away. The expressions and body language of the protagonists (even that of the dog)  tell two stories – the immediate one and a larger one about intolerance and passive acceptance and dignity.

I believe that the narrative element in photography is the vital one and for that reason this shot has always been a favourite of those that I have taken.

Murray Savidan

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  4 Responses to “The Round Pond – Murray Savidan”

  1. Murray, this image is why I think photography should be applauded.

  2. Love it Murray.
    Before I read your story I saw dignity winning over contempt. The angry white woman has lost but doesnt know it.
    Looking longer the one I feel for is the middle girl. She has a look of hurt on her face. Her younger sister is bemused, not understanding while her mother is dignified and above it, but she feels the hurt.
    Story telling of the highest order

  3. This really is a picture that’s worth a thousand words. outstanding.

  4. A Visual Poem lovely

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