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May 072013
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I was attracted to this scene a few years ago when visiting London – actually on the way to Tate Modern and the image I posted last year inside the museum.
But I was really disappointed with the image. Recently I realised that fine detail was possibly getting in the way of the main elements of the design. This fits with the quotes about simplicity in my last post.
Using Topaz Simplify and then some blurring and tone adjustment I now have an image I like.

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  6 Responses to “London”

  1. This image bears your signature style John, my comment about it is that it appears murky to me, I just want to see more light / brightness in it.

  2. I dont like the murkiness at all. this image is superbly designed and its what is not included that leaves many questions in my mind. the softness adds to the mystique. well seen.

  3. oops, i meant “I don’t mind the murkiness at all”. Sorry John.

  4. Im liking the murkiness John. I have the feeling of a low budget 60’s or 70’s sifi movie. It’s very interesting.

  5. Great picture. The choices! Follow everyone along the easy path, take the more interesting step to the left, sit and rest for a while or take the steps upward.

    • I love what you see in others’ images Tim, I’ve been prompted to look at the image again and see more. Thanks.

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