Top of the Hill

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May 062013
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My goodness over the last year I have returned to places that have changed my life. This is one of them; from this place I have started a few musters. Sitting on a horse waiting for the sun to rise & begin our day. I have so many memories of these days It makes me feel good to revisit them, it gives me strength. To be alone with a good team of dogs & a powerful but respectful horse under you is a feeling that can only be experienced to be fully understood.

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  3 Responses to “Top of the Hill”

  1. Its great how photography sets time markers for us to look back on.
    Now you are going back to make new time markers that reflect a mix of you now and you as you remember.

    And in colour!!!!

  2. Revisiting places is nice. Was that antennae there when you worked there?

  3. Yes John it was not much changes in that environment very fast, guess thats what I like about it.

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