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May 042013
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More from the Angkor Temples.

Most of the worlds great architectural structures are built to represent an idea rather than preform a more practical function. Most of these temples where built to honour Hindu gods and where adapted to include Buddhist worship. But in the end these temples have been reclaimed by mother nature.


Man' s religious beliefs change over time. No matter how glorious the edifice is, how many tons of stone are moved , cut, carved and stacked, it doesn’t make it any more true. What is true is that nature will adapt and in the end of the day endure. The rules and complicated bureaucracy of religion are worn away.


Perhaps nature is where we should put our faith. That is what we should worship. Natural structures are the spaces we should preserve , nurture and worship in. Those places are the places that I feel the presence of a god. How about you?


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  4 Responses to “Reclaimed”

  1. Amen to that Tim.

  2. In the end nature prevails. Love how the roots capture the stone work back. Great photo.

  3. I agree with your sentiment.

    however these buildings have put up a pretty good fight. I doubt that the things we build today would last as long in the same circumstances

    • It is remarkable that they have stood up. Some of the engineering is not very clever. But stone lasts, except in earthquakes.

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