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May 022013
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When the foamy waves roll in and reach the limit of the high tide, they only just touch the surface of the sand so only the top most layers are moistened.  Where the bubbliest foam sits there’s very little moisture and as the waves draw back, a fine layer of sand goes with them, leaving those pockets dry and the edges curled back as the bubble pops away from the sand’s tenuous grip.  Another marvel of Mother Nature.
Well, that’s my explanation.  Has anyone else got a better understanding of this particular force of nature?
Image courtesy of a wild sea at Mason Bay, Stewart Island.

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  3 Responses to “Pop”

  1. Fascinating patterns.

  2. Both the image and words too me straight back to my childhood, and my fascination with that boundary between the water and the land. Much amazing stuff happens there. Thank you for the reminder!

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