Walking Away

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Apr 272013
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I chose this title because I thought it best described the scene. But in fact the adult and child were actually walking towards an entrance to come into the art gallery. So not everything is what it seems and cameras can lie (or at least mislead).

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  6 Responses to “Walking Away”

  1. Fantastic! Absolutely love it!

  2. Often in life the way to toward something is in the opposite direction.. Great Image.

  3. I love the curve of the arching entry. The statue claims the space while the people are drawn towards the dark,
    He reminds me of the Countdown man!!

  4. John, Very clever and so well seen. I think it tells a great story. One of the things I love about photography is that it creates an illusion – reality does not matter – once the shutter is released the context becomes the viewers assumption.

  5. Very cool, I am sure we all see a different story in this image:)

  6. Love this photo I have taken that same image. For mee I saw the arrival of an alein nation

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