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One of nature’s perfect creations. The horse is the vehicle that carried many a Man & Women into the backcountry of New Zealand. I am one of those lucky people who used a horse for work & pleasure. The winter of 1994 I got a contract to look after a high Country run that ran along the Pomahaka River in Central Otago my tasks included building a new fence line, 3km long, keeping an eye on the sheep & cattle that were running out there. I lived in a hut at the woolshed on the run 20 miles from the homestead. I worked from Monday to Saturday & if the weather was fine I would come out for the Saturday night then travel back in on horseback on the Sunday afternoon with fresh supplies, whiskey, meat & spuds, don’t forget more ammo. Plenty of deer on this property so eat a lot of venison.
My day started early getting the horses in & loading the packhorses with more fencing gear, loading the coal range with plenty of coal & putting a roast or Stew on for dinner. I generally left at 6.30am & returned about 4.30pm. Unloaded, washed & fed the horses, dogs & me. Made my dinner, read a book & slept. Then start all over again, this contract lasted for 6months. It included lambing & calving beats. I would never have done it without a wonderful half draught mare I had, that was born & breed on a high Country sheep station. Very tough mare. She eventually died on another backcountry run falling down a hill in the depths of winter. Don’t think I have ever cried so much, I was devastated.

The Horse nature at its purest?

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  1. Lovely portrait Scott of a special friend. Especially well lit. I assume the position of the ears reflects her personality. We had a draught cross who looked very similar. She was great once you got on her but a bit of a killer in the paddock.

  2. Wonderful memories Scott, I’m envious of that lifestyle!

  3. Very special. Thanks for sharing such intimacy with us. A beautiful portrait with lighting that adds some magic.

  4. One of my favourite images of yours Scott. Excellent tones, tack sharp and fantastic lighting. But it is the composition that makes it.
    Though I love the image, I am not envious of the life you describe. I guess I am not a hardened outdoor person!

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