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Apr 252013
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How often is it that we just “walk on by” something and fail to grasp or for that matter even ponder the very existence of what we have passed by.
I have recently been trying to get to grips with this in a way that has me thinking some very interesting things, it's been taking my grey matter to some places unknown……

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  1. I have been working on the exact same thing for awhile & I think it is about SEEING not just looking, becoming part of the environment you are in, too often we live life with blinkers on, only wanting to be part of or see what we determine to be important to ME. How do we develop as artists our ability so SEE if we live this way. Sometimes there is stuff as interesting behind us as in front.??? & sometimes we have to look backwards to move forwards.

  2. I like what you have done. The closed curtains are awesome. Blinkers on. I would like to know about where your grey matter has taken you… Probably across great chasms.

  3. This would sit very nicely with your red wall chair image ” solo.”

  4. Ferg. Well stated!

  5. interesting Ferg. While I am working on being more aware of my surroundings I am learning to distinguish between those things that I will look at to enjoy and those that I will take my camera out and record. The latter is covering a smaller range than before – I am being more selective.

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