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Apr 192013
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  1. Very nice Bruce. Simple and delicate. Sensual. The water seems like tears to be for some reason.

  2. Simple & thoughtful, thank you for sharing

  3. Im yet to work it out but I absolutely LOVE this image. I’ve got a spot on my wall where it would look great.

    • It will be on sale as of tomorrow at our exhibition at Finc in Wellington …. might even offer you a discount, if you behave.

  4. When I visited Bruce the other day I was lucky enough to see this as a print. It is exquisite.
    On paper the subtitle variations of tone are emphasises even more and the image feels fragile and simply beautiful.
    I keep wanting to turn it 90deg anti clockwise

  5. Great image Bruce. Delicate, soft and abstract. Good luck with the exhibition.

  6. I’d love to see this on paper, I love the lightness of it, in all senses.

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