Is He Coming

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Apr 162013
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This is similar to another image I have done recently but I have achieved the required reflection I was trying to get. Thoughtful moment, head in the clouds who knows I don’t I just took the image or was I taken by it. Either way I got the shot.

“I have never made any picture good or bad, without paying for it in emotional turmoil” William Eugene Smith

Where too from here I don’t really know all I know is nothing ventured nothing gained. My brain is going into overdrive at the moment, doesn’t help that I recently got a Jerry Uelsmann book, ideas for composite images are flying around my funny little head like snow in a blizzard, each one different but each one just as important as the next one. Landing & building into images to take the viewer to another place. Watch this space.

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  6 Responses to “Is He Coming”

  1. I like it Scott. Well done.
    I guess you added the reflection. it looks to me like it would still be great without that. But you have got your overdrive brain to satisfy 🙂

  2. Actually Tim the image is as shot except for the B&W conversion.

  3. The reflection is the first thing I really noticed. Alter-ego. I really like it.

  4. B+W is perfect for this image – simplifies the message nicely

  5. Scott, interesting effect. Once the eye finds the reflection it becomes so dominant which, it shouldn’t. Well done

    • why ever not, it was one reason for doing this image, could I make the reflection the dominant place that your eye could not leave, I think I achieved this, but is it wrong what is right & what is wrong. ????

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