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Apr 152013
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Meet Paul, he is the happy little chappy that helps make this whole site work. So he's the one to address all complaints and observations too. Any complements go to anothr totally different department.
Seriously though Paul has done a lot of work for us which we actually havent paid him for so we all owe him a big debt of gratitude

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  7 Responses to “Paul”

  1. hi Paul!!

    Great shot Ferg – you got him

  2. Fantastic Ferg! I love it, especially the lighting and the wonderful natural feel. Great level of co.infection between photographer & subject.

  3. Ferg. The first words that came to mind when I saw this image were “happy choppy” and then I read your description. An infectiously happy portrait.

  4. Hi Paul – thanks for all you have done for our team.
    Mind you, I do not understand how you can be so happy when you have to out up with Ferg!
    Great image though Ferg – you captured it.

  5. Should have read “put up with Ferg.”

  6. Great Shot.
    and thanks Paul for a great place for us to bullshit on.

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