Enlightenment of the Headless Buddha

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Apr 142013
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Angkor Wat. Built as a Hindu temple and converted to a Buddhist ( more correctly had Buddhism added) many of the Buddha statues had their heads cut off by the Khmer Rouge, like many of the Cambodia people.


Having suffered

he still receives the light,……. without thinking ………..without judgement.

But still mindful.

Without arms to take action or revenge.




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  2 Responses to “Enlightenment of the Headless Buddha”

  1. I think the last part of you comments have the makings for a longer and deep discussion around a winter fireside as we also ponder those things that are happening so unwisely I North Korea. How wide are gaps in our humanity and outlook on others

  2. Wonderful words woven around that picture. The statue sits peacefully as if it is just us that cannot see the head that is still a part of the whole. Physical acts of destruction cannot stop us knowing, or feeling.

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