Vodafone Building – Wellington

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Apr 112013
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More PBWA.

Normally when I wander about in Wellington I am drawn to the fabulous waterfront. There are always people there and things happening.

But this time I decided to specifically look at buildings.

Im sure John had some degree of influence!!!

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  8 Responses to “Vodafone Building – Wellington”

  1. Ian, you put some blame my way about buildings but I see that trees appear in two places – you cannot get away from them!

  2. lol – well noticed John.

  3. John, I think this was the shot Ian was telling me about where he was shooting a tree of a tripod and it tipped over a moment before the shutter fired. He missed most of the tree and got the building 🙂

  4. I was lucky it didn’t fall near the fountain and make a shot of flowing water!!

  5. Haha I love the observations! Mine is about the singular nature of your subjects. There is never any doubt about the focus of your picture, and the subject is very often solitary, yet the periphery always adds a depth of back (or side) story. I love what you do with composition. I’ve learnt much from you although it may not show yet!! Thank you.

  6. I agree with Jenny – solitary seems to be “your thing”. All that flying around the world?

  7. Thanks Jen and Bruce….

    Something to think about – Its amasing how others will see things that are in the images but that I dont see myself

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