City Waterhole

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Apr 092013
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One thing I love about the Wellington waterfront is that it is designed for fun.  This spot has a high diving platform from which people jump on a summers day.  On this occasion I was looking for that definitive moment when someone unexpectedly dived right across my camera and I instinctively pressed my shutter and made this image.  I like that it captures the unexpected moment rather than the one I was planning to capture.

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  8 Responses to “City Waterhole”

  1. Welcome Bruce, sometimes the unexpected are the best

  2. Pretty good instinct I would say. The “legs” are perfectly positioned and the grainy blur makes it more surreal.
    I also prefer this crop to the version on Tonys Blog. The tighter crop intensifies the story and I really like that the word “encore” now finds itself on the edge of the picture.

  3. Welcome Bruce, it’s great to finally have you as part of he team.
    Planning is a difficult thing to do often it’s opportunity that drives us.

  4. Yikes that came around quickly! Now I have to think about another. Thanks for your welcomes and comments.

  5. Welcome! It’s wonderful to have another font of inspiration join aGathering. Love this work, and that your instinct took over from your intellect.

  6. Hi Bruce. Very good. The legs really make it dynamic. I like your treatment too. Brings back memories.

    • Thanks Tim – memories is what it was all about for me – the treatment as well as the half body make it something of a memory, not quite complete but none the less real.

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