Apr 082013
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Harakeke, smooth and silky, has woven it’s way back into the threads of my life. It talks to me reflecting the light with opalescence. Flax talks of family.

According to Maori legend of the people from the Hauraki Plains, their knowledge of weaving came from Hinerehia. As a patupaiarehe she was careful to weave only in the darkness but through the trickery of the tohunga she continued her weaving into the daylight letting the local women learn her skills. That’s why they are now very careful to weave only in daylight, in case the faeries take back their knowledge.

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  5 Responses to “Hinerehia’s Work, Rotorua, April 2013”

  1. For some reason when I look at this I have a strong feeling of peace and calm.
    I have no understanding why….

  2. I have been back to look at this a few times today – trying to find its story to me.
    At first glance I thought it was a shaft of light and that is what I keep coming back to. The story has also enlightened me.
    I love the merest hint of another leaf in the bottome negative space.
    Like Ferg I feel calm

  3. I like this.

  4. Thank you people. That feeling of calm it evokes is interesting… I was in a very quiet space when I was making this picture. The light was soft and gentle – open shade on an intense sunny day, and it felt like moonlight. I’m glad that the space that I was in has filtered through in the work. There was no sense of rush even in the post processing.

  5. Very clever Jenny. You have captured both the physical material and the essence of weaving as well as the light and dark and the feeling of the difference between them. I think it is peaceful in its perfect balance.

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