Munya 2

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Apr 022013
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  5 Responses to “Munya 2”

  1. Great portrait Vivki.
    It’s all on the eyes and the eyes say warm and friendly

  2. When I look at this image I want to push away all the black and dark, somehow there is something there that needs to be more clarified for me.

  3. Thank you both for your feedback. It’s interesting. We can see Munya’s warm and friendly, despite the darkness, but maybe the darkness doesn’t sit well with his expression?

  4. I just love the depth you have got in this portrait and I think it is because of the black. For me the black is warm, inky, velvety blackness and it wraps around him protectively.

  5. Sometimes it’s what is not there that makes an image. In this one the darkness is all positive and the good nature shines through although I would have thought the opposite might happen. Well done Vicki.

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