Fog – Tai Tapu

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Apr 012013
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In our garden, this tree is one of my favourites.

Since we planted it 10 or so years ago, apart from getting a little bigger and stronger, it has not changed at all. It has remained its gnarly rugged self while others in our “forest” have softened and merged in a more uniform fashion.

I'm using it as a reminder that it is possible to live within a tribe and remain true to yourself.

In fact, by doing just that thing, you can become a feature point.

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  5 Responses to “Fog – Tai Tapu”

  1. The conforming nonconformist.


  2. There is a lot of that in nature, doing your own thing, I know for me if I hadn’t done my own thing I wouldn’t be here producing what I am producing or living how I am living. Being an individual can be hard at times, but would you rather fly with the eagles than hang around with turkeys, sure would. Your tree is doing its own thing, good on it.

  3. It is and you can Ian! Hang in there and keep producing work that you are proud of – only you can do what you do. Keep trusting yourself and do it with passion and conviction!

  4. Ian, it is important to keep remembering our little place in the world and to stand proud in it. Sounds like you are in a good place “it is possible to live within a tribe and remain true to yourself”. I love it.

  5. Stand tall and don’t give in.

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