Nostalgia – Lynn Clayton

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‘This image is all about an emotional response rather than clarity of subject. For me it evokes nostalgia of a bygone era and has femininity ;  difficult to explain in normal photography.
There are several layers of intrigue here, possibly lost on male viewers but hopefully not. Taken on the iPhone using the Hipstamatic App.’

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  8 Responses to “Nostalgia – Lynn Clayton”

  1. Thanks for sharing Lynn. We spend all this money on equipment at our local camera store and forget that we have a perfectly capable camera in our pockets all the time.
    You have reminded me that I should do more with the iPhone and stop worrying about carrying the big kit around. Thanks.

  2. Sorry for me I don’t care a rats arse, how an image is captured as long as it tells a story, evokes emotion or causes me to stop & look. I enjoy the softness of this image, the textures & lovely soft colours. thank you for sharing, doesnt matter what gear you use it is up too you to capture the emotion, then the hard bit is getting that too come through your image.

    • Thankyou…you are right and i use several is people that create the image! I appreciate your comments.

  3. You have captured such softness and subtelties in your image- it’s very evocative of a bygone Vicortian era. Lovely

  4. Thanks Fergus.

  5. I’m with Nicki on this one Lynn – a lovely soft feminine feel.

  6. Lynn, love its soft gentleness, takes me back to my grandmothers home and smothers me with happy memories of a beautiful woman.

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