Mar 292013
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The bay was wide, shallow and sandy, a restful haven in peaceful contrast to the surrounding coastline where the call of the siren whispered out amongst the sharks-teeth rocks. 

Here was the place she came to rest; flip up upon the sand from between the rockpools; and contemplate her treasures. Here she basked in the sun, away from the prying eyes. Alone and undisturbed.

This was her place.

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  3 Responses to “And she lay her treasures upon the beach. Kaikoura, February 2013”

  1. your image has been sitting with me for a while now. it has a gentle circular composition and your words are very evocative. Lovely

    • Bit of work to do really. It was funny – for some reason I didn’t want to do the “pruning” and tidying that would have made it aesthetically more pleasing. Not sure what was going on there but I might see what the tidied version looks like.

  2. Something out of nothing! Random gatherings well coordinated. I love this little vignette of things we walk by every day.

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