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Mar 222013
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When Im away I away I like to explore with my camera and an open mind.

Brooks Jensen in his Lenswork podcasts calls it Photography By Wandering About. I think of it as photographing in “Gathering” mode rather than “Hunting” for a specific image.

The trouble is often in just looking at everything I can sometimes see nothing.

This image was made one morning in San Francisco. When, eventually, I recognised that it was the shadows that made this urban scene interesting, I was able to see clearly and find my picture.

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  6 Responses to “PBWA”

  1. I have to agree with you Ian, the shadows do make his image, like it

  2. I just had a thought- oh go look a gathering…and before I even saw the entire photo, I knew it was Ian’s day 🙂
    You can always count on San Fran for bit of smog and fog to add some moodiness.
    I’ve had ‘similar’ thoughts in recent months…I get so carried away with ‘oh I’ve got to learn this…and that…and he says…she says…that photographer is so good, oh I wish I could do that…if only I had that, then I could do ….
    And, as you say, sometimes what it really takes it just letting it all go, getting quiet and feeling what comes from within…

  3. Magic! It’s the scale that does it for me, and the little triangle of human existence amongst the monoliths. Timing was perfect.

  4. You know I love this Ian, the solitude within the city speaks to me greatly. Enough said.

  5. Fantastic. The figure, the lines, the shapes all come together in harmony. The strong contrast emphasises shapes and removes detail from some of those areas, thus putting the emphasis on the remainder of the image.

  6. Ian, you are very good at this solitude thing and I do love what you have done here. Solitude is so strengthened by the long shadows and the scale of the buildings realtive to the mand. your timing is perfect. Monochrome is right for this image too. There is one thing that really bothers me though, and once I saw it it was so distracting from the main subject. Right at the top left corner the dark building just connects with a the light building, creating another focal point which has no purpose. It could so easily have been avoided. That said though, the image is so powerful and your words with it serve as a lesson to us all.

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