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When I’m asked to judge photography competitions, I look for originality obviously. I prefer a great photograph of an ordinary subject to an ordinary photograph of a great subject. I often think: “What has the photographer seen that I wouldn’t have seen?”  Mostly I really like photographs that are not obvious, are a bit weird, that make you look harder and think: “What is going on?”

I also like pictures with lighting and composition or perspective that are not “normal”.  And I like them to have a strong graphic element, where there is an overall “design” at work.

So with that in mind, I picked this photograph. I took it last November from our hotel room in Cairns with a 500mm mirror lens.  It breaks all the rules: the power pole is right up the middle, the light is completely flat, and the woman’s head is cut off at the top. Hope you like it.

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  2 Responses to “Untitled – Nick Servian”

  1. No the light is fine, the position of the pole is perfect and if the womans head wasnt cut off it would ruin it.
    Well done!!

  2. Nick, I love the design of this image. I know it should be 3D but its very flat with the pole looking like it is laid on the court. I like the illusion this creates. Racket shadow perfectly placed with a little separation from the racket, pole placement over the point where all the lines intersect and the cut off corner at top left all take away secondary focal points leaving us no option but to look at the tennis player. Quirky that her head is cut off too. This image really intrigues me and its great seeing. Thanks

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